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Honjozu & Junmai

Aizu Chusho

aromas of quince, kumquat, almonds; flavors of banana, white chocolate, and a hint of marshmallow (glass)


Echigozakura Namachozo

aromas of chipper citrus and fresh violets, crisp and refreshing with a slight minerality (300ml)


Suigei “Drunken Whale”

reserved aroma, gentle rice notes, perfect acidity and a fine finish (glass / 300ml / 720ml)

13 / 34 / 58

Ginjo & Junmai Ginjo

Matsuno Kotobuki Ginjo

clean and refreshing nose of pine needles, lychee, wintergreen and dried pear, clean dry finish (glass)


Jozen Nama

lively, fresh nose of citrus, apple and shiso; flavors of persimmon, marshmallow with a dry finish (300ml / 720ml)

46 / 84

Harada Gengetsu Muroka

aromas and strawberry, cherry, watermelon, and pineapple flavors of apple, mango, pear, peach, lychee (720ml)


Special Format

House Hot Sake


Sake Flight

sake tasting flight, aizu chujo, suigei drunken whale, matsuno kotobuki ginjo


Daiginjo & Junmai Daiginjo

Born “Gold” Junmai Daiginjo

lush peach tones, rich & sweet symphony enveloped in an unfiltered elegance (720ml)


Hirai Daiginjo

clean, smooth and crisp; savory aromas of cooked rice with hints of tropical fruit and followed by a dry finish (720ml)


Uka Dry

made with Yamadanishiki rice, aromas of honeydew, pear, hints of spice, rich in flavor with a dry finish (300ml / 720ml)

52 / 96

Uka Sparkling

dreamlike mist, silky texture, light bodied and balanced, with a citrus fruitiness (300ml / 720ml)

48 / 92

Ryujin “Dragon God” Namazume

aromas of bright citrus, with notes of elegance and sweetness, smooth texture, and a clean, sharp finish (720ml)

86 / 175

Sawahime Daiginjo

soft, clean acidity, culminating with a finish of light spice & gentle sweetness (300ml / 720ml)

68 / 136


Jozen Nigori “Polar bear”

rich in texture with notes of ripe melon and pear, with a dry finish (300ml / 720ml)

44 / 86

Izumihyokan Usu-Nigori Daiginjo

soft & balanced, with aromas of ripe cantaloupe, asian pear, with a clean finish (720ml)



Drinking distilled spirits, beers, coolers, wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and during prenancy, can cause birth defects.